The Statue

Rick's statue is now on permanent display on The Walk Of Honor at the National Infantry Museum at Ft. Benning, Georgia

 Below is video from the unveiling ceremony


Below are photos from the unveiling ceremony.


This statue was created by Edward Hlavka. To see more of Mr. Hlavka’s extraordinary work, click on this link to his website:

"Garry Owen"

General Yarborough

Jan & Mervyn Sullivan, and Susan Rescorla

Fred McBee, Dan Hill, and Susan Rescorla

Fred McBee and Dan Hill

CSM Plumley, General Moore, and Joe Galloway

General Hal Moore

Joe Galloway

Artie Muller

Bob Arbasetti

Sam Fantino

Susan Rescorla and Edward Hlavka

General Moore, Edward Hlavka, Artie Muller

Edward Hlavka

Ronnie Guyer, Nick Snider, Susan Rescorla

Alan Lynch, Joe Marm, Hal Moore, Susan Rescorla

21 Gun Salute


See more pictures at:


Below are pictures of Rick’s statue taken in March 2009 when it was taken out of storage and moved to the new museum.


Frank Hanner, Director of the NIM

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